Welcome to Sophia Stallions!

I am very proud to finally have the site up and running. This site gives you a better online stallion directory and also a place for regular factual, analytical articles on breeding and breeding theory. Many magazines have "breeding specials" where there are a few interviews and articles but I feel there is a need for a website the new articles on a regular basis. Fortunately I am not the only one to think like this and several authorities in the breeding field agreed to contribute. In addition to articles I will publish statistics (or links to statistics) and write some articles. One article series is "How I pick stallions for my broodmares..." where successful breeders write about their philosophies. Based on the ideas that we can all learn from the best, I believe this article series should be particularly interesting!

As for writers and contributors I am still waiting for a definite answer from some but I can already welcome such authorities as (in alphabetical order by last name)

Tina Dale Brauti is a Norwegian breeding consultant and breeder. She was formerly one of the people behind the popular site travavl.com

Henrikki Halme is a Finnish breeder and pedigree expert at Classic Equine

Aage Hansen is a Danish breeder and pedigree researcher

Dean A Hoffman who was executive editor of Hoof Beats for 25 years and currently teaches at the University of Arizona

Bas Schwarz is a former editor-in-chief for Draaf Magazine and consultant for several breeders and breeding farms in Europe

Paul F Spears who is VP of Hanover Shoe Farms, CEO of Standardbred Sales and owner and manager of Windsong Stable

Hopefully a few more contributors will be added shortly!

These writers have been given a few simple guidelines:
- write about something related to harness horse breeding (in the widest sense of the word, be it theory, practices, history, statistics etc)
- write as little or much as they want
- write what you want (within the bounds of th law!), not what you think people want to hear (this also includes criticism of Sophia Pedigrees which will not be censored)

And that is it! Essentially I have given the contributors full freedom. Hopefully this will encourage their minds and get them writing the best articles yet! I know I am excited and I hope everybody else is too!

Want to write or maybe help out with the translation of articles? If you want to contribute, please contact me. (I particularly need help translating articles to Finnish and French and if anybody has the time that is greatly appreciated)

Marloes Harkema is the manager of Sophia Pedigrees and a pedigree analyst and consultant